Concentrate Liquidity, partner with LQDR, host our Synths on Spiritswap, discontinue bETH, introduce veDEUS and cap DEUS at 300k supply

(make DEUS/FTM + DEI/USDC Farms with the highest APY on their website for MAXIMUM exposure)

About Liquiddriver:

We are close friends and have discussed a partnership for a long time…

For the last five days after my blog post of V2, we have started in-depth Documentation on DEUS V2 we will release in the upcoming days, but together with the Documentation and already before I realized how big of a project this will become in the future.

I will now…

Lafa’s guide to the galaxy (of synthetics)

Don’t trade without it.

don’t panic DEUS V2 is here

Synthetics protocols are so much more than just the amount of assets they support. They must tackle the conflict of interest between the protocol and the traders.

DEUS V1 is similar to Synthetix, and Synthetix works just fine how…

Earn double rewards on your DEUS Native tokens
Borrow DEUS AMMs IDLE CASH to increase your capital efficiency.

Update on 13.03.2021

Some little overview on what was updated or added after I wrote the Blog:

  • No liquidation of your collateral or similar ever.
  • Cyclic period (for example 24 hours) where all balances on yearn will be adjusted based on the rise/fall of the underlying collateral prices (DEUS rises or drops)
  • Cyclic…

Thanks Hosein
Thanks Mali
Thanks Vahid
Thanks Mahdi
Thanks Paslar
Thanks Mohsen
Thanks mmdmst
Thanks Shy
Thanks Shing

Thanks Coinlordd
Thanks Unih4xor
Thanks Thaddeus
Thanks R0฿
Thanks Soby
Thanks, Conductor (forever branded)
Thanks Cryptozen
Thanks Tgramalex
Thanks Shadow
Thanks Airdroppered
Thanks Freemarketsbatman
free Banth
thanks Grizzle
Thanks Jaclac
Thanks me9…

From our next system update, you will be able to buy Coinbase Futures on DEUS Swap!

After we saw this headline, we at $DEUS decided this is the moment to prove our protocol’s power.

While others are still debating with law regulators if and how possible, we are already launching it!

Check out Art of Frenone (@frenone):

it's your chief lafayette

We were pretty busy the last few weeks, finished vault designs/back-end so before we start with the information regarding DEA:


If you don’t know what the vaults are please check that Youtube video on my channel:

Last week I realized…

As already announced on 28.10.2020 in the telegram announcement channel

If you haven’t joined in yet, please do so with the following Link to be always up to date at our fast pace.

Roadmap update:

Due to the current situation with the corona pandemic spreading across the world, possible delays could occur…

Please consider this document un-edited and grammatically incorrect.

In only used Grammarly for correcting spelling errors, there will be a professional writer looking over it next week, but until then:

This document purpose is solely to transport information in the best way I am capable.

Why use a continuous market maker?

The most honest answer would…

Lafayette Tabor @ DEUS

DAO member of DEUS Finance @lafayettetabor in telegram.

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