Ok, so here we are again…

For the last time, adjusting the rewards in anticipation of the upcoming Vault launch. One last time, I took the time to calculate the upcoming. rewardsPerBlock it became almost a weekly ritual, time to look back at what we achieved in that almost 3 months now

In the beginning, we planned to mint a total of 166700 DEA every month and keep the rewards stable, but with our vote from the beginning of October, that plan changed. To satisfy the vote and the wants of the community, a total of 111 votes were cast to make that Staking experience as smooth as possible for all of you and meet your desires not to mint any more DEA to keep the Staking Reward system running.

At the end of our journey, I want to thank everyone who participated, but our system’s trust and provided Liquidity to our Contracts. If it is Single Staking or Liquidity providing, I am thankful for every bit.

I also took the time to put our current rewards into perspective to what we will payout in the First Weeks of the Vault launch:

This would put our collateral in the Vaults at a Value of 7,75 Million what would add up to a total market cap of all Stocks in circulation of 3 Million with an over collateral rate of 350%.

The APYs calculated above are at a Value where we would have a daily transaction volume of around 4 million in our system. This includes:

Of course, this sounds a lot, and it is possible fees will be less initially after DEA inflation stopped, but this is due to the high over collateral we will choose at the beginning to assure a stable and solvent Ecosystem.

A fee system linked to a volatility index is comparable to a premium system present in options.

thanks especially to Max who is helping us on that Task!


Our next goal will be to tweak around with the Configs to bring the Risk/Reward into optimal ratios to reduce the collateral.
Together with one community member’s help, we are already working on those steps, and our goal is to implement them in Q1 of 2021.

This can help lower the over collateral rate drastically while increasing fees substantially. Lesser over collateral means more possible trading volume what also results in more fees.

There is still a lot to work on, but our focus is now completely on enabling you to deploy the full variety of 500 SP500 stocks, if you choose to!
I am confident we are almost there. I can already see a shining TSLA at the end of this tunnel.

Again I want to thank all the people who walked this path until here with us, and I am happy to see the new people that our full system will bring.

This post stands full in the light of DEA. Without her, we would have never achieved this, and you all know:

DEA is love. DEA is life.

Let’s enjoy those 2–3 weeks of that last newly printed DEAs forever.

DAO member of DEUS Finance @lafayettetabor in telegram.