Improved vDEUS tokenomics

A wealth-creating revamped redeem plan.

Principles and Implementation — Introduction

We wont be allowing any adjustments to these newly implemented changes, these ideas were discussed & formalized internally with great input from people experienced in debt restructuring.

Bullet points (shortest version)

Essential changes TL:DR,

Supply cap* of DEUS at 800,000–850,000 total supply. (depending on the buffer we want on farming incentives & DEI redemptions.)

*supply cap forecast includes:

more bullet points

meaning APR for vDEUS staking is not deducted from debt, paid in vDEUS.


Two-liners version

Optimisation/management principles

Pareto-equilibrium and contract theory

Restructuring theory studies how best to allow a protocol with limited cash flow to restore its financial health and maximize its value. Debts are either:

· repaid later (as in bDEI)

· swapped for equity (redeem is essentially a debt for equity swap)


DIP-8 Drip (Equity Swap settlement)

— 160 days repayment explained

Calculation of the speed of Equity Swap settlement:



DAO member of DEUS Finance @lafachief in telegram.

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