Introducing — DEI Bonds

Reasoning to launch DEI Bonds:

  1. you can get DEI back at the end of bond maturation
  2. Bond maturity minimum of 12 months but individually based on the NFT you receive at the bDEI mint.
  3. bDEI is a liquid ERC20 token, that will be pooled with DEI on stableswaps.
  4. Trade bDEI to DEI via Stablswaps (e.g curve/beets) at any time
  5. bDEI should stay pegged to DEI, as there will be no difference between bDEI and DEI as the maturation date gets closer.
  6. Deposit your bDEI into staking contracts as LP or single token to receive yield in DEUS + potential DEX tokens (like beets)

Target APR:

Maturity & the maturity reduction NFT

The value proposition for the protocol

Before Bonds
After 23m DEI bonds bought.



DAO member of DEUS Finance @lafachief in telegram.

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