DEUS continuous token offering FAQ

Why use a continuous market maker?

The most honest answer would be, because we don’t think we are wise enough nor have enough data points to predict the needed Token Supply for DEUS at this time.

  • Pay Ethereum and Mint Registrar Tokens with pre-created Registrar Contracts (minting is the process of creating a Token inside of a continuous contract)

If DEUS supply is infinite, is my DEUS share being diluted then?

In a continuous token model, the total amount of token minted before it determines the Price. The Market Maker’s price movement counters the dilution of the single person DEUS.

  1. A contribution that fills the DAO Reserve continuously to fund the project.

DAO Reserve

Affects the DAO contribution the Price?

If the Bonding Curve Treasury determines DEUS’s Price and there is a percentage flowing to the DAO instead of the Bonding Curve Treasury, there is a price distance between buying and selling on the same axis.

To remember:

Current DEUS Swap implementation. Road to Bonding Curve and Transition Phase.

The current DEUS Swap contract is plain simple. It only mints DEUS for 0.63$.



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