DEUS improvement Proposal — 4

1. Remove all liquidity incentives from all chains to concentrate our liquidity and focus our efforts.

2. Partner with Liquiddriver and exclusively incentivize their staking pools.

(make DEUS/FTM + DEI/USDC Farms with the highest APY on their website for MAXIMUM exposure)

3. Provide our Synths on Spiritswap frontend.

This proposal is only getting better:

4. Focus our development & tokenomics further, increase the DAO Fund and hire more developers.

Discontinue the development of bETH and only offer DEUS v1 > DEUS v2 migration. This will help us focus our efforts on development.

5. Implementing a vested DEUS (veDEUS)

veDEUS will be used for governance and improve the DEUS tokenomics by taking DEUS out of the circulating supply.

6. Introduce a total supply given out to Liquidity and Staking incentives at 300k DEUS total.

So we will be minting around 100k more DEUS that will be used to incentivize staking, bribe protocols, etc.

See you on Fantom, guys!



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