veDEUS dynamics


veDEUS is a direct fork of the solidly veNFT or “ve(3,3)” model, meaning your veDEUS position is an NFT & and is protected against dilution.
This blog should give a first understanding about the Idea around forking veNFT for DEUS as veDEUS but also how exactly the inner workings function.

Roadmap around borrowing and veDEUS:

  1. Activate the Borrowing on again.

The APY calculation

The veNFT & veDEUS model protects you against dilution, as every DEUS minted/released into circulating Supply will also be added to your veDEUS holding.

Rewards claim mechanism

Rewards coming from Bribes will be claimable over intervals defined by the project Bribes.

Locking duration

If you lock 1 DEUS 4 years, you get one veDEUS

Voting with veDEUS

Additionally, veDEUS holders will be able to vote for the DEI emissions (to LendingPools) on the Lending Plattform.

Make the veDEUS liquid.

The best way to tackle this, and I think this is also what Andre and Daniele wanted to work on, is to create a Lending Market on top of the veNFT so you can borrow against it.



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Lafayette Tabor @ DEUS

Lafayette Tabor @ DEUS

DAO member of DEUS Finance @lafachief in telegram.