DEUS post mortem

  1. Analysis
  • Launch new lending contract restoring the balances of all liquidated users
  • We will also restore the SOLID + SEX emissions that are currently collected in our wallets.
  • Lending contract stays closed — no liquidations or borrowing will be possible during this time.
  • We will work closely together with the MUON engineers to finish & deploy VWAP oracles.
  • Commission in-depth documentation on the MUON VWAP solution — which prices are taken where and how and how the price is calculated and why this will prevent an exploit like this
  • Launch 1M bug bounty on new lending contracts.
  • Let security researchers and devs take a look at it.

Update: 27.03

the funds have been returned to all users via the reimbursement contract deployed at:

Update: 28.04

Solidly VWAP oracle incident implementation deployed on the Muon Network:



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Lafayette Tabor @ DEUS

Lafayette Tabor @ DEUS

DAO member of DEUS Finance @lafachief in telegram.